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Honevo Cold Sore

A novel, natural, effective treatment for cold sores


When applied to the skin, Honevo provides a local environment that promotes skin healing and so can treat a number of skin conditions. It does this in several ways including:

• Moisturizing the skin by drawing water into the skin from the atmosphere and from the underlying tissues

• Providing an acidic environment

• Providing nutrition (sugar) for growing tissues

• Providing a barrier to bacterial infection

The Science

It is the only all natural, drug-free gel clinically proven to be as good as the gold standard pharmaceutical treatment (acyclovir) for cold sore healing and pain reduction.

Honevo Cold Sores is a safe & effective treatment for cold sores. In a 952 person clinical study, the cold sores healing time, duration and pain and maximum severity of pain were the same for users of Honevo Cold Sores and for topical acyclovir (also known as Viraban or Zovirax). Study participants preferred the experience of using  Honevo Cold Sores compared to topical acyclovir.

As well as being all natural, Honevo has many advantages over topical acyclovir, including:

• Looks better

• Tastes better

• Can be used as often as required

• Better value (as larger pack size)

• Not just for the early stages of the cold sore

A survey of Honevo Cold Sores users found that:

• 84% gave it a 4 or 5 star rating (out of 5 stars)

• 84% said that it was the best product that they had used for cold sores

• 89% planned to continue using Honevo for future cold sores

• 94% said that it was good or excellent for helping to heal the lesions

Honevo Cold Sores was developed by HoneyLab who are running the world’s largest program of medical honey research. Click here for references.