Melrest™ is specially formulated to deliver three natural ingredients that can help with stress and sleep.

It is for anyone who is feeling stressed and/or is having problems with sleep. Both of these issues are very common and often linked.

In each 15ml dose of Melrest there is:
• 12.06g honey
• 6.88g glycerin
• 0.7g chamomile
• 0.17g tart cherry
• 27.03mg magnesium citrate complex (active)

For age 12 and upwards: 15ml 30 minutes before bedtime.

Simply pour the correct amount into a cup or glass, add warm water to taste and make a great cherry-tasting drink. Alternatively, you can pour Melrest™ into a measuring cup and drink straight from the cup!

Some of the great cherry flavour of Melrest™ comes from tart cherry. This particular cherry naturally contains small amounts of melatonin, a naturally-occurring hormone which is made in the brain and regulates sleep patterns. Blood levels of melatonin are highest prior to bedtime and extra amounts taken then have been shown to help with sleep. Studies have found that melatonin decreases the time it takes to fall asleep as well as increasing sleepiness and sleep duration.
Melrest™ also contains chamomile. The relaxing and sleep- inducing effects of chamomile are well-known and thought to be due to a benzodiazepine-like compound found in the flowerhead. Chamomile tea is commonly used as a relaxing drink that facilitates sleep, and studies have found it to be effective.
The third active ingredient is magnesium. Deficiency of this important dietary component is common, especially as we get older. Supplementation of magnesium has been found to help with stress levels and improve measures of insomnia such as sleep efficiency, sleep time, time to get to sleep and early morning awakening.
Finally, although there are no studies to prove it, a lot of people think that eating honey before bedtime can help with sleep, possibly by helping to stabilise blood sugars during the night.

Melrest™ is 100% natural containing tart cherry, chamomile, magnesium, honey, cherry flavour and glycerine. The only side e ect of note is drowsiness. As with any product that can help with sleep, you should not take it with other sedatives and you need to be careful when drinking alcohol, driving or operating machinery.
Melrest™ is safe for breastfeeding mothers but the chamomile component is not proven to be safe during pregnancy and so is not recommended.
If symptoms of stress or sleep problems persist, you should see your healthcare professional. Melrest is not recommended for children aged under 12 years.