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FAQ Melzing

Melzing™ is specially formulated to deliver the exact amount of ginger needed to combat nausea due to morning sickness, motion sickness or any other reason. Melzing™ also contains pure New Zealand honey for an energy boost.

“Mel” is latin for honey, and the scienti c name for ginger is Zingiber officinale. It will also give you a bit of a “Zing” by making you feel better.

Ginger is very effective for nausea but a large dose is needed and most ways in which people take ginger do not deliver the correct amount e.g. ginger beer. Melzing™ has been designed for people suffering from nausea and/or vomiting due to any cause, including motion sickness, morning sickness and sickness from cancer treatments.

In each 96ml Melzing container there is:
• 57.6ml honey
• 36ml glycerin
• 10ml concentrated ginger extract delivering 500mg ginger/24ml

Adults – 4-6ml as required, maximum of 24 ml per 24 hoursOlder children (ages 9-18) – 4 ml as required, maximum of 16 ml per 24Younger children (ages 4-8) – 2 ml as required, diluted in water, maximum of 8ml per 24 hours.

Simply dispense the correct amount onto a spoon and eat. Alternatively, you can pour Melzing™ into a cup or glass, add warm water to taste and make a great honey and ginger drink (as the product is quite strong, this may be the best way for younger children).

It is not known for certain, but it is thought that ginger reduces nausea and vomiting by acting on serotonin receptors in both the gastrointestinal system and in the central nervous system.

Ginger has been used for centuries for nausea relief and many studies have proven that it is effective. The key thing is to get the correct dose of ginger. Most ginger products do not deliver enough ginger, and Melzing™ has been specially formulated and designed to accurately deliver the optimal dose.

Several studies have shown that ginger helps motion sickness, and the UK Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists said in its recent first guidance document on common pregnancy complaints, that ginger may help pregnant women with sickness who do not want to take drugs. The NHS in the UK also recommends ginger for this reason.

Many studies have found that ginger is effective for motion or travel sickness – as it has been traditionally used for. It can also be as effective as the medicines that doctors usually prescribe for treating nausea that can occur after having surgery.

Melzing™ came about through Dr. Holt’s work advising people with cancer on what complementary natural products they could use, to help with both cancer and treatment side effects. He has long recommended the use of ginger at the correct dose, based on several studies, but including an enormous study of people undergoing chemotherapy who had severe nausea and vomiting – the study found that ginger was very effective and the ideal dose needed was discovered

Yes, you could have ginger biscuits or ginger beer, or add ginger to your food, but it would then be very hard to make sure that you are consuming the right amount.

Melzing™ contains the correct dose you need. The few products available that do contain enough ginger to be effective for nausea can be very strong and burn your mouth. Melzing™ does have a bit of a kick, however we found through extensive taste-testing that most people thought it tasted great, and that if it was too strong, this could be overcome by diluting it in warm or cold water. Melzing™ tastes great if eaten neat or taken as a drink. The Melzing™ container is easy to carry around and, overall, Melzing™ makes it super-convenient to receive the full benefit of ginger when you have nausea or vomiting.

Melzing™ is 100% natural containing honey, ginger and glycerin. Ginger is listed as a food on the FDA’s “generally regarded as safe” list and, unlike many products for nausea, does not cause drowsiness or blurred vision. It is safe if taken in the correct dose. The only side effect of note is that massive doses – around 10 times the recommended dose of Melzing™ – could in theory cause bleeding in people who have bleeding disorders or who are taking blood-thinning medications. If symptoms persist, you should see your healthcare professional. Melzing™ is not recommended for children aged under 2 years.