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KĀNU BEE VENOM EYE LIFT | Natural Eye Lift Cream NZ | HoneyLab


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Rejuvenate the delicate skin around your eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with Kānu Bee Venom® Eye Lift.

Containing a unique blend with an extra 50% of our high strength formulation New Zealand bee venom, Vetox®, Kānu Eye Lift is shown in our clinical studies to instantly lift and firm the appearance of your skin, creating a more youthful and radiant complexion.

Ongoing use may support normal collagen production, improving the look and feel of elasticity and firmness of your skin. With a roll-on applicator that allows for a more controlled application around the sensitive eye area, our Eye Lift works under your usual moisturiser and makeup. 

Please note: this product is not available in North America

How to Use

Recommended use
Massage Kānu Bee Venom lightly into your skin morning and night. As the bee venom absorbs, feel your skin begin to tighten almost instantly. Apply your usual moisturiser and makeup over the top.

Taking care
The amount of venom is a fraction of a bee sting. While this makes Kānu Bee Venom safe for everyday use, it should not be used by anyone with an allergy to bees. A simple patch test is recommended, and if irritation occurs, either reduce the amount you use – or stop using the product entirely. Avoid contact with your eyes.


Vetox bee venom: This is our special 100% natural formulation of New Zealand bee venom that makes the magic happen.

Kānuka honey: This is a pharmaceutical-grade blend of kānuka honey, the powerful cousin of mānuka honey that has got scientists excited. Kānuka honey smooths and moisturises the skin.

Ecocert polymer (dehydroxanthan gum) and distilled water: These combine to give the serum a consistency you can rub into your skin.

Ecocert preservative (benzyl alcohol DHA): This stabilises the formulation, to ensure Kānu Bee Venom is long-lasting. 


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About Kānu Bee Venom®

Simple, pure, and effective, Kānu Bee Venom® reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal radiant, younger-looking skin. Using a unique high strength formulation of New Zealand bee venom, Kānu is shown in our clinic studies to rejuvenate the appearance of skin of all types. Ongoing use may support normal collagen production, improving the look and feel of elasticity and firmness of your skin.

Vetox® – the magic ingredient
Vetox is our special formulation of New Zealand bee venom, found effective by 90% of women within 5 days in our clinic studies. Vetox was developed by international researcher Professor Shaun Holt and HoneyLab.

Simple and natural
Nature knows best, and that’s why Kānu Bee Venom is nothing more than Vetox bee venom and kānuka honey with Ecocert polymer and preservative plus distilled water to give the consistency and stability.

Looking after our bees
The health and well-being of our bees is paramount. So we’ve developed our own venom collection technology that protects our bees while producing the highest quality bee venom.