Melrest Stress & Sleep Support

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Melrest is a unique, complete, and convenient product, providing natural support for reducing stress and supporting sleep.

Melrest contains 3 natural ingredients which have been shown to be beneficial in reducing stress and supporting sleep, and it tastes great!

The 3 ingredients providing triple support have been chosen because studies have shown them to be effective natural therapies for supporting sleep and reducing stress.

TART CHERRY– Melrest has a great cherry flavour and contains extracts from tart cherry – shown to support sleep

– the relaxing and sleep-supporting effects of chamomile are well-known

– supplementation of magnesium has been found to help with stress levels and support sleep.

Melrest is an all-natural product but contains powerful ingredients:

• New Zealand honey
• Concentrated chamomile extract
• Tart cherry
• Magnesium

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Melrest provides triple natural support for reducing stress and supporting sleep. It calms stress AND sleeping issues, whereas most products only help with one of these common symptoms. The tart cherry and chamomile in Melrest will support sleep, and the magnesium may help reduce stress.

The cherry, chamomile and honey in Melrest give it a fabulous taste – you will look forward to taking it!

Melrest is 100% natural. Many products for supporting stress and sleep can have some side effects but it is highly unlikely that you will experience any side effects from Melrest. It is safe for breastfeeding mothers (but not recommended for use during pregnancy.)

For age 12 and upwards: 15ml 30 minutes before bedtime.

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