About us

Our Story

HoneyLab was founded by Dr. Shaun Holt and Laurence Greig in late 2009. Previously, Shaun trained as a pharmacist in the UK and then as a doctor in the UK. Shaun had spent most of his medical career to that point undertaking clinical studies for pharmaceutical companies. HoneyLab was formed in order to apply the same drug development processes to natural products.

Early HoneyLab products such as Honevo and Kanu, were developed from bees and their environment. HoneyLab has undertaken the world’s largest research programme of clinical research into the benefits of pharmaceutical-grade honey for skin diseases. Since then, the research programme has expanded to other sustainable resources, such as kanuka oil, which are likely to be effective health products.

We have a number of products already available and many more in development. You can order our products online for both domestic and international orders, or purchase in-store through one of our New Zealand stockists.