Kānu is a range of highly effective anti-ageing products combining a unique, high strength natural bee venom, sourced exclusively from New Zealand, with a strong scientific foundation.

It is made from 4 natural products: bee venom, Kanuka honey, a natural polymer and a natural preservative.

The bee venom causes a very small amount of temporary swelling. This firms the skin, “irons out” wrinkles and plumps up the lips.

The effects can be seen within a few minutes when it is applied to the face. When applied to the lips it works even quicker and some people feel a tingling as it starts to work almost immediately.

The beneficial effects from the Kānu last for around 12 hours.

HoneyLab have undertaken a study with 10 women (ages 49-66) who applied some of the most popular anti-ageing products. They all tried at different times, and without knowing which they were applying: Olay Definity Tone Correcting Serum, L’oreal Youth Code Serum, SaviQ Bee Venom Serum & Kānu Bee Venom Serum. The overall favourite by far was Kānu Bee Venom Serum. 9/10 participants said they would use it again and 9/10 would recommend the product.

The full study results can be seen here: https://goo.gl/kZKVMd

There are 2 main differences between Kānu Bee Venom and the other products that are available:

Kānu is the only bee venom cosmetic range that has undergone clinical testing to such a high level that the results have been presented at a major medical conference.As a result of this testing we know exactly how much bee venom to add to the products. Independent testing found that most bee venom products do not contain anywhere near enough bee venom to have any effect.

The research was funded and undertaken by HoneyLab.

The process is called milking and involves putting a glass plate near the hive and running a small amount of electricity through the glass. The bees will attack the glass and deposit some venom, but do not die as their stingers cannot penetrate the glass. The bees are not harmed by this process, as their happiness and health is incredibly important to us.

Yes – apply Kānu first, let it absorb and then apply other products as usual. This regime should be done morning and evening and included with your other skin care regime. In the morning it can be applied before make-up as the continued absorption of the venom during the day or overnight will assist the process.

Kānu Serum – a light mixture for use under makeup.
Kānu Gel – a slightly thicker formulation with the same strength to be applied daily and for use as part of the overnight regime.
Kānu Lip plumper – a formulation for use on the lips.
Kānu Eye lift – our highest strength for application around the eyes for wrinkles, crow’s feet and frown lines.

Only 1% of people are allergic to bee stings and we’re sorry but Kānu is not safe for these people. However, most people who think they are allergic are not. People who are not sure should apply a very small patch test on their arm to make sure there is not a large allergic reaction. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world are safely using bee venom products.